Maryland Horse Foundation's 12 Days of Giving

The Maryland Horse Foundation’s 12 Days of Giving campaign brings the impact of the Maryland Horse Foundation to life!

From Dec. 7 to Dec. 18, we’ll hear from program graduates, volunteers, board members, authors, and equestrian enthusiasts; all of whom have been impacted by the educational mission of the Maryland Horse Foundation.

The Foundation’s initiatives include the new Maryland Horse Library & Education Center in Reisterstown, the Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program, the Work Experience Program, and the Howard and Sondra Bender Educational Series, all programs and experiences that would not be possible without donor contributions.

Testimonial videos and quotes from campaign participants can be viewed below.

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Day 1: Dan Tordjman


Dan Tordjman, a Maryland Horse Foundation board member, discusses the importance of programs that introduce individuals to the racing industry and assist with career placement opportunities.

Tordjman also encourages visitors to the Maryland Horse Library & Education Center to take advantage of all it has to offer as he did on a recent visit, having attended an author talk and purchasing a unique find from the library book sale.

Day 2: Cricket Goodall

Executive Director Cricket Goodall shares her thoughts on the importance of the Maryland Horse Foundation’s programs.

Day 3: Don Walsh

Don Walsh, a volunteer and manager of the Maryland Horse Library book club discusses his experience and the rewarding ways in which he has helped the Foundation bring new readers and equestrian enthusiasts to the Library & Education Center. 

Day 4: Josh Pons

Maryland Horse Foundation President Josh Pons, the co-owner of Country Life Farm, discusses the Foundation’s importance.

Day 5: Liz Ridenour

Talking to us from the Maryland Horse Library and Education Center foyer, Liz Ridenour, a member of the Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program class of 2022 discusses how the Maryland Horse Foundation’s programs have helped her solidify her interest in the field of performance horse veterinary medicine and has given her connections and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Day 6: Olivia Kaltenbach

Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program graduate Olivia Kaltenbach shares her experiences and benefits from the program.

Day 7: Jennifer Kelly

Jennifer Kelly, an author and horse racing historian, discusses Maryland’s importance in the growth of horse racing in colonial America.

Jennifer also shares her experience coming to the Maryland Horse Library & Education Center to use its resources for her research, and the joy she felt in being able to participate in the library’s author talk series. She gave a talk on her book, “The Foxes of Belair: Gallant Fox, Omaha, and the Quest for the Triple Crown” this past June.

Day 8: Marina Rohbeck

Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program graduate Marina Rohbeck shares her thoughts on the program!

Day 9: Dulany Noble

Joining us from the Maryland Horse Library and Education Center’s multimedia space, Dulany Noble, a volunteer discusses her involvement with keeping the library’s 5,000 volume collection organized. Participating in arranging the collection has led Dulany to make some interesting discoveries which she calls her “Friday Finds.”

Day 10: Charles Churchill

Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program graduate Charles Churchill shares his thoughts on the program!

Day 11: April Smith

April Smith, an active visitor to the Maryland Horse Library & Education Center’s educational series, author, and member of Friends of Pimlico discusses the importance of the Foundation’s ability to serve as preservationists of Maryland’s rich equine history.

Day 12: Richard F. Blue

The campaign concludes with a quote from former president Richard F. Blue!