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ANNAPOLIS, MD (January 4, 2024)—The Maryland Horse Industry Board, a program within the Maryland Department of Agriculture, has awarded $30,000 in grants to 35 organizations and equestrian operations that represent a variety of equine groups and disciplines across the state. The committee selected projects from a pool of 60 applicants.

Funding for these grants and the Maryland Horse Industry Board is provided by the Maryland Feed Fund, which collects $6 on every ton of horse feed sold in the state. Since the fund was established in 2002, the board has awarded over $650,000 in grants to more than 400 projects.

“I am delighted that the Maryland Horse Industry Board is able to continue to make these grants year after year,” said Maryland Department of Agriculture Secretary Kevin Atticks. “Reaching out to a cross section of as many groups as possible that represent different disciplines and geographic areas of the state, the board continues to promote our thriving horse industry.”

This year’s recipients included funds for equine education, leadership, history and equine welfare projects, rodeo and Western riding programs, youth activities, therapeutic riding centers and other equestrian disciplines based in 15 of Maryland’s 23 counties.

A full list of recipients including a synopsis of each project is available on the Maryland Horse Industry Board’s website www.mda.maryland.gov/horseboard.

“Horses are a critical component of Maryland’s agricultural industry. The Maryland Horse Industry Board and the Feed Fund help stimulate growth and opportunity in Maryland’s equestrian community without relying on major government funding,” continued Atticks.

Projects are evaluated based on their value to the industry, degree of industry promotion, size and scope of activity, financial need, potential for matching funds, benefits and overall quality of the written presentation. Grants are capped at $3,000 in order to award funds to as many groups as possible. Eligible projects should have a completion date no later than June 30, 2024 although exceptions can be granted. Grant recipients are required to file a project report with the board detailing how the money was used.

The Maryland Horse Industry Board was established in 1998 to promote and develop the equine industry in Maryland. For more information about the grants program and the board, please visit our website. You can also contact executive director Ross Peddicord at (240)344-0000 or ross.peddicord@maryland.gov.