Dulany's Friday Finds

One of our library volunteers, Dulany Noble, stops by every Friday and goes through our vast archives in search of rare treasures. Some of her more unique finds are featured here!

November 17, 2023

Elkridge Harford Hunt Club.
Cover of Maryland Horse, December 1972.


Charles Reeves and Mary Typings at Elkridge Harford, 1980.
Published in Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred, December 2016.
The 1979 Blessing of the Hounds at St. John’s Church.
Fife Symington and Sheila Jackson at St. John’s Church in Glyndon.
Cover of Maryland Horse, November 1966.
Les Grimes, huntsman for the Greenspring Valley Hounds. No date.
Howard County Hounds coming down the lane at Doughregan Manor at the Blessing of the Hounds.
Cover of Maryland Horse, December 1970.
Blessing of the Howard County Hounds at Doughregan Manor. No date.
Potomac Hounds, December 1974.
Ray Little on Jennifer the mule with Austin Kiplinger. Potomac Hunt Blessing of the Hounds, November 1973.

December 1, 2023

The cover of the 2000 book Great Horse Racing Mysteries, by John McEvoy

Phar Lap died of colic under mysterious circumstances just after his big race. The Phar Lap biography is also here at the Library.

It was said that William Woodward’s mother never approved of her son’s choice for a wife. Ann said she thought he was a burglar after she shot and killed him.

The Aga Khan’s Epsom Derby winner Shergar was used in extortion attempt.

Did he jump off the bridge or was he pushed?