August 3

August 3, 2022 -August 9, 2022

Woodbine, MD


Learning equine anatomy should be fun and interactive. It should not entail memorizing! After this class, when someone asks about a muscle, you will actively recall building it on the Equiken® model in clay. You will remember where and how you felt it on the horse (or located for deeper muscles). Memorization is just not the way most brains work! Experience (build, associate, palpate), store (your brain makes notes) and then recall – that’s the ticket. This course utilizes the brilliant system developed by Jon Zahourek, founder of ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning Systems.

This seven-day course is taught in increments in a study group format with a hands-on approach. It is run in 3 days on, one day off for self-study and finishes with another 3 days on. Using bones, models, visuals, books, hand-outs, reference material and live horses, Debranne Pattillo, MEEBW will lead and direct the group. Students will work in teams of two, building the muscles on the Equiken® models at a comfortable pace, researching each muscle as the building progresses. Students become very familiar with various published books, publications and internet resources during the course, thus enabling them to better research anatomy. Students will have a chance to ensure they have understood the information by completing a self-assessment before the beginning of each class. Students are responsible for attending all six days of class in the classroom and are expected to spend the off day reviewing material for at least 8 hours.

*Please note that registration for this class closes 30 days prior to the course start date to ensure the appropriate number of models are ordered.