July 16

July 16, 2022 -July 17, 2022

11655 Rocky Meadow Rd | Clear Spring, MD 21722


Course Objectives

This course is designed to give a practical knowledge of the science of Bridling. It incorporates research and practical knowledge with analysis of strength and pressures on the head and neck. The biomechanical effects of different nosebands on the bit are also discussed.


  • Bridle leather,  an instruction and comparison.

  • Bridle construction

  • Bridle hardware for all forms of construction

  • Appropriate bridling —  the rules of width, style and size

  • Sizing charts

  • Component parts

  • The Head and Neck anatomy

  • Poor bridle fit effects

  • Teeth, as they affect bridling and bitting

  • Nosebands, Martingales and Training Tack


  • Bridle measuring

  • Fitting a Snaffle

  • Fitting a Gag

  • Fitting a Double and Pelham

  • Nosebands and their affects

  • Bitless bridles, their action and fit

  • Martingales and Training aids

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