Howard & Sondra Bender Educational Series

Howard & Sondra Bender Educational Series


Launched in 2023, the Howard & Sondra Bender Educational Series is the newest addition to the slate of existing educational programs produced by the Maryland Horse Foundation. This series, hosted at the Maryland Horse Library & Education Center, utilizes the facility’s resources to offer an educational series of in-person gatherings covering a wide range of topics for people involved in and/or interested in learning more about the Maryland horse and/or agricultural industries. These sessions are recorded and available for public viewing as an on-demand resource.

The Maryland Horse Foundation has partnered with University of Maryland Extension to deliver a set of four evening seminars over the course of 2023, following a general theme of sustainability. The goal for these seminars is to engage a broad audience of people both inside and outside of the horse industry and promote sustainable practices, such as those relating to the environment, finance, and business.

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Upcoming Seminars

Seminar Recordings

Pasture Management - June 27, 2023

Agricultural & Social Media Marketing - August 1, 2023

Equine Sports Turfgrass Management - August 30, 2023

Coming soon!