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Maryland Horse Breeders Association finds home in Reisterstown
Originally published, produced and aired by WBAL-TV 11 on April 29 - watch full segment above

The Maryland Horse Breeders Association moved to Reisterstown last year and is establishing the Maryland Horse Library and Education Center with the help of The Maryland Horse Foundation.

"We are in historic Reisterstown in northern Baltimore County," said Cricket Goodall, executive director of the Maryland Horse Breeders Association.

The Maryland Horse Breeders Association bought a building on Main Street in Reisterstown last June and is preparing to create a library and education center to detail the state's rich horse history.

"We're going to have books and videos and access to history, and looking forward in the horse industry, what careers might be available," Goodall said.

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend, but in just a few weeks, it will be Preakness time in Baltimore. The middle jewel of the Triple Crown is just weeks away, but racing is only a small part of the horse industry in the state.

"It goes back for centuries, and we have currently 100,000 horses in Maryland -- more horses per square mile than any other U.S. state," said Ross Peddicord, director of the Maryland Horse Industry Board. "(There are) 35 different disciplines -- from Polo to dressage and barrel racing. We have the world champion junior bull-riding champion who rides horses from Upper Marlboro. We have a little bit of everything here in Maryland, and what we have is very high quality."

The library and education center are being built thanks to fundraising from the Maryland Horse Foundation and is expected to be a one-stop destination to learn everything you'd ever want to know about horses in Maryland.

"For the general public, people who may know nothing, all the way to people who know a lot about the horse industry, they may be in here researching a book or doing a video or, you know, it's just going to be a wide range of people we want it to appeal to everybody," Goodall said.

The plan is to break ground on the new library and education center this summer with a hope to be open by the 2022 Preakness.

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