Keep in touch with the MTCP graduates!

Charles Churchill 2021 Since the Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program, Charles has shadowed the Keeneland Racing Office and Test Barn during their 2021 Fall Meet, and also completed an internship with the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission.
Cayla Reeder 2021 Finishing college at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College. Will be pursuing a job in the Thoroughbred industry in spring 2022.
Thomas Dobbins 2019 Thomas is in the second year of his master’s program at Mississippi State University where he completed a research trial to elucidate the effects of maternal melatonin supplementation on muscle development and postnatal growth. He is on track to graduate in May and plans to start a PhD in the summer with an emphasis on muscle biology and meat science.
Molly Harris 2019 2019 graduate of Delaware State University with a double major in Equine Business Management and Agribusiness. A Spring 2020 graduate of the Kentucky Equine Management Internship and currently employed at Shawhan Place in Paris, Ky.
Elizabeth Moorman 2019
Elizabeth is in her last semester at the University of Maryland and will graduate in May with a degree in Animal Science. She has been working at Bonita Farm in Harford County, MD since summer 2021 and is now participating in the Work Experience Program at Bonita Farm.
Zara Pyzowski 2019  Junior at Centenary University studying Equine Studies with a specialization in Communications.
Emily Shiloh 2019 Graduate with an AAS in agricultural business management. Currently employed full time at St. Omers farm, Forest Hill MD.
Rachel Stockslager 2019 Senior at Centenary University studying equine science. Upon graduation she will go to work for Heritage Farm as a full time manager.
Lauren Carter 2018 Graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park May 2018 with a degree in Animal Science with an emphasis in Equine Studies. Recently completed the Kentucky Equine Management Internship (June 2019).
Brianna Higgs 2018 Graduated from Centenary University May 2019 with a degree in Equine Studies concentrating in Equine Science and Equine Business Management. Currently works as a government contractor in the telecommunications industry and is building her own horse farm where she retains and rehomes OTTBs.
Camille Lee  2018 Graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park May 2020. Completed the Kentucky Equine Management Intersnhip. Currently serves as the assistant broodmare manager at Northview Stallion Station in Chesapeake City, Md.
Amber Roher 2018 Graduated from the University of Kentucky May 2020 with a double majoring in Equine Science & Management and Sustainable Agriculture. Currently working as a barn manager at a lesson barn in Lexington, Ky.
Farrah Staebell 2018 Graduating from Colorado State University May 2021. Currently part of the Equine Science Program with the intention of getting her DVM with a focus on Equine Surgery and Sports Medicine.
Kandace Tignor 2018 Kandace is currently working as an equine veterinary technician where she assists in arthroscopic surgeries and sports medicine for racehorses and performance horses, as well as reproductive medicine and breeding.
Sidney Boots 2017 Sidney graduated from the University of Kentucky May 2018 and is currently employed as a sales coordinator at Keeneland.
Katie Brooks  2017 Graduated from the University of Maryland December 2017. Participated in the Kentucky Equine Management Internship from January – June 2018. Currently working at Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital as a veterinarian technician.
Megan George  2017 Graduated from the University of Maryland May 2018.
Sara Gordon 2017 Graduated from Virginia Tech May 2019. Will begin work as the MHBA Communications Manager in June 2019.
Tabitha Gregory  2017 After receiving her Masters in Animal Science, Tabitha is now working as the Academic Programs Coordinator in the Department of Animal and Avian Sciences at the University of Maryland.
John Piassek  2017 Graduated from Loyola University May 2018. Currently working as the Communications Manager