What is the MTCP?

The Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program is a career development initiative started by the Maryland Horse Industry Foundation with the purpose of:

  • Increasing awareness of the diverse career options in the Thoroughbred industry

  • Giving participants access to leaders in all facets of the Maryland Thoroughbred industry

  • Highlighting various paths for pursuing a career in the Thoroughbred industry

  • Addressing a critical need to attract and retain experienced employees

What topics will the MTCP cover?

A tentative list of topics to be outlined is below. These topics are subject to change based on timing and availability of appropriate speakers.

  • Breeding – stallions, mares, foaling, mating decisions

  • Racing – racetrack management, training, regulation

  • Sales – roles of the sales company, bloodstock agents, consignors

  • Other – aftercare, global industry insights, business basics and more


Who can apply for the MTCP?

The program is open to United States residents between the ages of 17 and 22 (exceptions will be considered).

What are the dates of the 2023 MTCP?

The 2023 program will run from June 5-9.

When are applications due?

Applications are due by April 21, 2023. The application can be found HERE. It must be completed online.

Is there a fee to participate?

There is no fee to apply or participate; however, participants are required to pay for their own expenses (food, fuel, etc) throughout the week.

Will I be paid if I am accepted?

No. Participants will not be compensated for their time during the program.

Do I need to have my own transportation?

Yes and no. While you are not required to have your own car, you must be able to get to and from the central meeting location at the beginning and end of day. Transportation between the various sites will be provided.

Will lodging be provided for participants?

In-state participants are expected to provide their own lodging. For participants visiting from out-of-state, we will do our best to help find an affordable lodging option for the week.

What if I cannot make it to all of the activities throughout the week?

With the exception of a documented emergency, participants are required attend all of the activities. Arriving late or missing an activity entirely may result in dismissal from the program.

Does completion of the MTCP guarantee me a job?

No. While we cannot guarantee MTCP graduates a job, we will work with participants to identify appropriate next steps in their career development pursuits.

What are Career Development Funds?

Career Development Funds are a one-time funding source available to MTCP graduates who are looking to further their career within the industry. Eligible pursuits include, but are not limited to, college tuition, technical training or business start-up costs.

How do I apply for Career Development Funds?

There will be a separate application process for Career Development Funds that can only be completed after graduating from the MTCP. Graduates must apply for funds within two years of finishing the program. Not all graduates are guaranteed access to Career Development Funds.

Why the 17-22 age range? What if I am older?

This age range generally encompasses the years in which the first major career decisions are made. We are open to applicants under 17 and over 22 if the program seems like a good fit. Please to not hesitate to call or email if you would like to discuss further before applying.